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14 June 2013 @ 10:49 pm
[fic] Persuasive Is As Persuasive Does - Kakashi/Iruka - Oneshot  
[Written around June 2007 - Unedited]

Title: Persuasive Is As Persuasive Does.
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Rating: PG
Summary: Who knew a dance could be so enlightening? Pure fluff.


Iruka stares at the man before him, clutching a dress case in each hand that suspiciously look like they may be hiding suits of some kind. The man ahead of him smiles and flicks a lock of silver hair out of his face.

“No. No!” Okay, not the best defence Iruka could have come up with but it’s all his mind can fathom right now.

“Oh c’mon Iruka-Sensei! Think of it as a mission, to uphold the morals and virtues that Konoha has instilled in these kids,” Kakashi tries to hold back a snort without much luck.

“Morals and virtues that you yourself don’t even hold up,” Iruka blushes as Kakashi cocks his unhidden eyebrow at him, a smile hidden beneath his mask, but Iruka plods on regardless. “No, I refuse. Graduation prom or no graduation prom, I’m not going!”


Not even fifteen minutes later Iruka is scowling into the mirror before him as Kakashi’s hands wrap around him from behind. He blushes furiously, breath catching as he wonders exactly where those nimble fingers are headed. He sighs, equal parts in relief and frustration as Kakashi grasps the edges of the bow-tie and readjusts it so it sits comfortably on Iruka’s neck.

“How the hell did you talk me into this?” Iruka moans. He can’t help but let his eyes flick back to the mirror though. Who the hell knew Kakashi could look good in anything but his uniform?

“Hasn’t anybody told you yet?” Kakashi rests his chin on Iruka’s shoulder; eye curving as he undoubtedly smiles beneath the mask “I can be very persuasive when I want to be.”

Iruka’s face turns fifty shades of red before hitting some kind of fuchsia colour at the purr in Kakashi’s tone and sticks to looking at his feet as his hands fiddle with the buttons on his pressed white shirt.

“You look good Iruka-Sensei.” Kakashi starts, stepping back from Iruka and adjusting his cufflinks to fit more neatly on his wrists.

Iruka blushes and stores the compliment away before murmuring, chin propped on his chest.

“I look like a penguin … which has my inner dolphin deeply upset.”


The music in the hall is loud and abrasive to Iruka’s sensitive eardrums but he can’t help but feel a swell of pride as he sees a plethora of his students milling happily about the halls, sipping punch, some of them dancing together eagerly.

His eyes scan the room but he doesn’t have a chance to find anyone in particular before a bright beam of blonde lands on him, wrapping it’s tentacle like arms around his chest.

“Iruka-Sensei! I’m so glad you came! I didn’t think you would, I was talking to Sasuke about it before because we were having ramen, speaking of ramen we haven’t been out for ramen for ages Iruka-Sensei, I miss having ramen with you because when we have ram-”

Iruka slaps a gentle hand over Naruto’s mouth before he can take the conversation around to the pros of eating ramen as a staple diet. Smiling he plops Naruto back on the floor and fluffs his hair.

“You look good in a tux Naruto” The kid before him blushes a little before twirling 360 degrees to show off. “Where are Sasuke and Sakura anyway?”

Naruto lets out a small snort before grabbing Iruka’s and dragging him to the other corner of the hall. Iruka can’t help but feel a swell of something in his chest as he realises Kakashi is following right behind him.

They stop in front of Sasuke leaning against a pillar and Sakura bouncing up and down in front of him, hands clasped together in a plea.

“She’s been at it for twenty minutes now,” Naruto leans up to whisper conspiratorially to Iruka.

“Please Sasuke-Kun, please! I’ll beg! … See, dress covered knees are now in contact with the floor! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase Sasuke-Kun!”

Iruka flicks his eyes to Kakashi, a deep smile on his face as he watches Kakashi shake his head and laugh beneath his mask. His eyes flick back to Sakura as she continues to plead with the quiet boy.

“Hmm,” is all Sasuke says but for some odd reason it seems to be enough.

“Yes!” Sakura jumps to her feet, obviously taking Sasuke’s grunt as an affirmative to dance and proceeds to drag the ever sulking graduate to the dance floor.

“Hey!” Naruto screams at her as he bounces on the heels of his shiny shoes. “Hands off my mancub!”

Sakura ignores him but Iruka can’t help but let out a bellow of laughter, similar to Kakashi’s as Sasuke turns to him and growls.

“Dobe! Don’t call me that out of the bedroom!”

His protest is met by a fluffy pink dress as Sakura begins to twirl him around painfully on the dance floor.

Kakashi turns to Naruto and places a pale hand on his shoulder, still stifling earlier giggles. “Mancub?”

“Yeah!” Naruto grins, a faint blush covering his cheeks but his face is happy. “You wouldn’t believe it to look at him but he’s a total snugglewhore.”

Iruka smiles but then politely coughs in to his hand as he gathers Naruto’s attention. “Well, as endearing as that is to know … I think your beloved needs rescuing.”

All eyes turn to the dance floor as they see Sakura happily manhandling a Sasuke that actually looks like he may cry if the charade went on any longer.

“I swear Naruto” Sasuke grinds out “If you don’t help me now, never again will you see the light of ramen.”

Before Iruka and Kakashi can blink a whirl of blonde flies past, obviously going to the rescue of his beloved Sasuke … and ramen rights.

“Say Iruka-Sensei,” Kakashi smiles, coming to stand in front of Iruka so the slightly shorter Chunin had to look up. “How about you and I show them how it’s done?”

“I … I don’t dance,” Iruka attempts feebly, though part of his mind is screaming to let Kakashi take him into his arms.

“Hmm.” Iruka looks up to find Kakashi tapping a finger against his chin, looking as contemplative as one can with only one eye visible. “Don’t dance? Or can’t dance?”

Iruka opens and closes his mouth a few times to answer or protest, he’s not sure, but before he has the chance to, Kakashi has taken gentle hold of his arm and dragged him out to dance.

Kakashi’s arms wrap around him and he begins to gently sway the academy teacher to the lilting music. Iruka blushes shamefully and keeps his eyes locked on their feet. “I can’t do this Kakashi-Sensei, I can’t dance.”

Kakashi tilts his chin up with a long finger and grins, or so the mask movement tells Iruka. “What, you never did this with the girls when you were younger?”

“Like you ever did?” Iruka snorts softly.

“Nah, the maiming and killing kind of spoiled the mood but a sharingan is infinitely helpful in these situations.”

“Really though,” Iruka continues after another couple of minutes swaying to the beat, arms wrapped around a sturdy and [not handsome, not handsome] Jounin “I can’t dance.”

“Well-” Kakashi replies solemnly “consider this the first step in teaching. I’ll have you waltzing across the floor waaaaaaaay before the first dance at our wedding reception.”


“Ok,” Kakashi replies softly “stepping on toes although accidental, is a mistake but that fuchsia colour your cheeks are sporting is cute, that can stay.”

Before Iruka can protest, before he can waffle on about how he’s not going near any sort of wedding with Kakashi [pft, yeah right], before he can even blink. Kakashi has twirled him around and the next thing he knows the infamous mask is gone.

And all Iruka can think is that he wished he could’ve seen Kakashi’s face. Of course this is completely forgotten when Kakashi presses his lips hotly to Iruka’s, taking the smaller mans gasp as acceptance to eagerly slide his tongue into his mouth and play tag with his own.

All Iruka can do is wrap his arms tightly around Kakashi’s shoulders, kiss back and moan …

… and form a guest list for the wedding.