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16 June 2013 @ 03:31 am
[fic] Emotional Overload - Kakashi/Iruka - Chaptered Fic  
[Written around June 2007 - Unedited]

Title: Emotional Overload [1/?] [Indefinite hiatus]
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka.
Rating: PG
Summary: Iruka's a heart-on-his-sleeve kinda Chunnin. And Kakashi ... well he has a heart buried somewhere deep.

“I love you.”

Lips immediately stilled against a trembling shoulder as Iruka spoke, his voice muffled against the cushy pillow on his bed.


The hand that had been trailing down his bare back stopped immediately on his side. Iruka held his breath for a moment, nothing but beats of silence filling the room before the hand was yanked back like the other man had been scolded.

“K-Kakashi?” Iruka spoke hesitantly, shifting himself after a minute to turn around. He was stopped abruptly as a firm hand was placed on his shoulder and he heard the scrape of fingernails against fabric.

As soon as the hand was lifted Iruka shifted himself around and watched as a masked Kakashi stood up and off the bed, adjusting his boxers, eyes never connecting with Iruka’s wistful gaze.

“Kakashi, what are you-” He stopped himself as the man in question gathered his clothes up off the floor, flinging them on more quickly then they had come off.

So this was it. Iruka wasn’t stupid, Kakashi was leaving. One simple slip of the tongue, a voiced spill of emotion and Iruka had broken down everything he thought they’d tentatively built together.

“Have to go. Early mission tomorrow,” Kakashi spoke, voice hoarse as he adjusted his forehead protector.

He was perched on the window ledge, just about to jump out and away from Iruka when the young Chunnin spoke quietly.

“I understand.”

Kakashi was gone in the blink of an eye and Iruka sought for truth in his own statement. Snuggling back under the covers, feeling naked and ashamed he did understand.

But that didn’t make it hurt any less.


Iruka went about his morning routine as he always would. Showering and dressing before heading to make himself some breakfast.

His mind was racing, every subject under the sun flitting through it. 'Should the kids try hands on practice today? Could I do with getting some take-out ramen on the way home? What exactly is the cure for a broken heart?’ At that thought his eyes widened and he shook his head wildly, damp ponytail dripping spattering water onto his cheeks.

If he was going to get through at least the week, damn it, at least the day without a breakdown he needed to keep the masked Jounin out of his mind.

His appetite severely depleted he headed out for the academy.


“No, no Saki,” Iruka sighed inwardly, the kid was sweet but this was taking effort and energy reserves Iruka didn’t have at the moment. “You have to hold your kunai like this.”

Iruka proved no better at grasping the kunai as he felt a familiar semblance of chakra far off. The weapon fell to the ground as Iruka twisted around, searching avidly for the owner of the spectre.

He knew he shouldn’t, that if he saw Kakashi, if he spoke to him, if he smiled at him, if he even breathed in his direction that he wouldn’t be able to cope with it but he couldn’t help it. His body was yearning to see the silver-haired scarecrow, his chakra practically screaming out with the need.

And then there he was. Just over at the far end of the field surrounded by a bouncy Naruto and company, probably heading over for a ramen lunch after a busy morning training.

Kakashi didn’t even glance his way.