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14 June 2013 @ 10:37 pm
[fic] Ouch - Kakashi/Iruka - Oneshot  
[Written 5th June 2007 - Unedited]

Title: Ouch.
Pairing: Kakashi and his man.
Rating: Not even PG, how sad.
Summary: Iruka tries to return the favour.







“Oh for goodness sake! You’re a Jounin of the highest calibre, a lean mean fighting machine whose life has revolved around being taught how to kill, maim and incite unadulterated pornographic thoughts into children’s minds through the use of Icha Icha, and yet you can’t even deal with getting your hair brushed?” Iruka bonked Kakashi on the head with the handle of the brush he had in his grasp.

“It hurts!” Kakashi whined.

“Well maybe if you brushed it everyday it wouldn’t be so tangled and hurt when you brus-, oh don’t look at me like that, you look like I just sat on Pakkun with the intent to suffocate him.” Iruka plopped himself down on the floor by his now owlishly blinking lover.

“I’m going to tell him you said that you know.” Kakashi nodded emphatically.

“Oh grow up” Iruka spoke, crossing his arms across his chest and trying not to blush when he poked himself in the ribs with the hairbrush he was still holding.

“No, you grow up” Kakashi retorted and stuck his tongue out.

“No, you gro- agh! I’m not doing this, I’m 24 and I’m a teacher.” Iruka threw the brush to the ground and proceeded to sulk.

“Mhm, because that face you’re making now doesn’t make you look about 6. Why the hell did you wanna brush my hair anyway? What’s wrong with it? It defies the laws of gravity naturally, I promise.”

Iruka murmured something under his breath that was quite inaudible as his chin was firmly tucked against his chest. He looked somewhat akin to Pakkun when he’d been caught stealing sweets of some kind.

“Come again?” Kakashi spoke and then managed to leer at his filthy double speak. Pressing forward a little he bent his head towards Iruka and blinked mismatched eyes at his lover, eyes that lacked any of the innocence he had intended. This was Kakashi, one could expect no less.

“I wanted to brush your hair” Iruka murmured again.

“Mm, I got that part when I was having my hair forcibly ripped from my scalp by that thing you call a hairbrush. What I don’t get is why? Is this some weird kinky thing you’ve decided to come up with because if it is, I could totally get used to the pain.”

Iruka sighed as he watched Kakashi’s eyebrows do something of an Irish jig at the thought.

“You always brush my hair. When I get out of the bath, before I got to bed, randomly in the middle of my grading papers … Kakashi you even get out of bed in the mornings to brush my hair before I go to the Academy. All because I said it felt nice when you did. So I figured I could return the favour. Sadly I don’t think the feeling is too reciprocal.” Iruka raised his head and watched as Kakashi once again blinked at him a few times. Never mind scarecrow, this man could rival an owl.

As always though, Iruka never quite managed to predict what was going to happen in time to prevent being attacked.

The good kind, obviously.

Kakashi pounced quickly and had the shy Chunnin on the floor before Naruto could have even shouted ‘RAMEN!’. Kissing across the scar patterning Iruka’s nose, Kakashi then grinned and pressed their lips together gently.

“Have I ever told you how cute you are? Especially when your face goes all red like that?” Kakashi smiled and pointed at Iruka’s pink cheeks.

“Once or twice, it may have been mentioned” Iruka smiled gently.

“Good” Kakashi grinned. “Now where did that hairbrush go?”