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16 June 2013 @ 03:28 am
[fic] It's a Date - Kakashi/Iruka - Chaptered Fic  
[Written around June 2007 - Unedited]

Title: It's a Date [1/?] [Indefinite Hiatus]
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Rating: PG.
Summary: Kakashi lacks the social skills needed on a date apparently. And just what should a blind date entail?

“That’s the whole point of a blind date. Notice the blind part.” Summoning all of his Shinobi training, Genma resisted rolling his eyes.

“Maa, but how am I supposed to agree to a date when I don’t know who it is that I’m going on a date with?” Kakashi pondered, visible eye creasing in amusement. “And if we’re going to get technical then a blind date really would be a date where one or both of the participants are actually blind in order to-“

His remark was cut short by a sharp slap to the side of the head, courtesy of Genma’s hand. Pouting beneath the mask, Genma assumed anyway, Kakashi ran his fingers through his nest of hair with finesse, adjusting the silver strands back to how he liked them. Gravity defying.

“Yes well, whatever, Mr Technical. You’re practically blind anyway, what with you covering one eye li-“

Genma narrowly escaped a kunai to the face as he pelted away from the elite Jounin, shouting instruction as he left.

“Ichiraku’s, 7pm. BE THERE!”

Kakashi chuckled as he pulled and orange book from his pouch, flicking back to the page he had ceremoniously been prevented from reading as Genma had accosted him in the street.

Meandering back to his apartment, he eyed the sun as he gauged the time. He had at least three hours until the allotted ‘date’ began. Smiling to himself he flicked to the next page wondering how acceptable turning up late to a date was.


Eyeing himself in the mirror Kakashi realized something. No matter what he did to himself he never looked any different. Granted this was courtesy of a mask and a forehead protector that in all honesty covered about 90% of his face. He made the effort anyway though, as much as he could muster.

Adjusting a strand of hair he pulled back to take a good look at himself.

“Not bad. Maa, not amazing, but not exactly off putting” He spoke quietly to himself as he ran his hand down an annoying crease in the black shirt he was wearing. He figured the tailored dress pants might be a little too much for a meeting at Ichiraku’s but his wardrobe wasn’t exactly brimming full of civilian clothing.

With a tug to his mask to make sure it was firmly in place he slid his copy of Icha Icha off the dresser and headed out of the door, not bothering to lock it. If anyone decided to break into his apartment they would find a distinct lack of anything worth stealing. Except maybe his first editions of the Icha Icha series which he kept firmly under lock and key. And floorboards. And traps. What could he say, he was nothing but efficient.

Meandering his way through the village he ignored the frowns and murmurs of disgust from mothers-to-be at his choice of reading material and made his way to the ramen stand.

As he slid himself into a spare seat he took a glance at his watch. It ticked back at him as he noted he was only forty three minutes late, give or take a few seconds. He figured he’d either screwed up royally and his ‘blind date’ had abandoned the idea a half hour in or they were still here, most likely annoyed at his lack of punctuality.

Sliding Icha Icha close to himself on the counter he took a look around, assessing the situation. The customers were unusually sparse this particular evening, with only himself and a random civilian sat near him. Looking to his left he spotted someone he vaguely knew and Umino Iruka, sat with his face propped on his hands.

Well, given the distinct lack of women sat around Kakashi thusly decided his ‘date’ had given up and headed home. Though Kakashi was about to learn the lesson that one should never assume anything.

Tilting his head to the side in amusement Kakashi watched as Iruka slid himself across the seats slowly, one by one until he was sat aside the Copy-Nin.

“Yo” Kakashi smiled, raising a palm in greeting.

Iruka looked up, cheeks tinged a little pink as he frowned at the pale faced man he had come to sit by.

“You’re late. You do realize that it’s quite inconsiderate to turn up late without prior notification”

Kakashi blinked. And then blinked again. His mind, as full of smutty thoughts and numerous ways to kill people as it was, didn’t take long to figure out the meaning behind the message.

Iruka was his date? The no-nonsense, easily ticked off, punctual to a fault, smut-hating, cute in the ‘punish-me-sensei’ kind of way, was his date?

If this wasn’t one for the books Kakashi wasn’t sure what was.

“Maa, sensei” Kakashi grinned, lifting a hand to scratch the back of his neck a little sheepishly. “How would I have been able to give you prior notification as to my lateness if I didn’t know it was you I was coming to dine with?”

Iruka opened his mouth to reply but he had to admit, Kakashi had a point. Which frustrated him to no end.

“But still, it’s only polite to arrive on time when you know there’s someone waiting for you” he admonished.

“True, true” Kakashi admitted “Mmm, this is quite a surprise though. Genma told me that you asked him to ask me to meet you here.”

”I did.” The Chunnin was blushing slightly but his gaze was fixed on Kakashi as he spoke.

Smiling Kakashi propped his tilted head on one hand as he looked Iruka over. Shifting in his seat a little, the Academy teachers ears pinked but he didn’t look away.

“I didn’t even realize you… well that you, er… ”

“Took it up the ass?”

Kakashi grinned because Iruka was most certainly red-faced now but he gave him credit for being straight to the point at least.

“Exactly. And yet you set this date up without knowing my own personal preferences.” Sitting upright Kakashi beckoned Ayame, the young woman behind the counter over before turning back to Iruka.

“True, I did. But I figured that if you aren’t interested in men at all then we can just eat together. And if you are… well then that’s a different story. Just because you might be that way inclined doesn’t mean that you’re automatically interested in me so we’ll see where it goes. If you’re not against the idea”

Kakashi felt Iruka’s confidence waver slightly as he ordered before answering. As Ayame wandered off to prepare their meals Kakashi turned back to his ‘date’.

“I don’t discriminate.” Smiling, the Chunnin let out a little puff of air he’d been holding. “And I think you’re a good looking man. So I agree, lets see where it goes.”

Blushing gently now, but looking happier Iruka smiled and nodded, the scar on his nose curving gently. The pair spoke idly as their food was served, though conversation seemed a little stilted after such revelations. But it was the serving of the food that brought Iruka’s attention back to the moment at hand.

“Naruto was talking about you the other day. About the things you’re teaching them in training now…” Iruka watched as Kakashi slurped a noodle and merely lifted an eyebrow in response. “He doesn’t have a bad word to say about you… well except for the fact that you’re late to every session and that you give them the most mundane jobs on occasion. Tell me, what does weeding 12 gardens in a row teach them?”

“It’s character building.” Is all Kakashi had to say for himself.

“Well… anyway, he loves being part of the team. Oh, except for having Sasuke as a member, he’s not too keen on that part. I mean the two have never gotten on really have they and-“

”Do you always babble like this?” Kakashi turned to face the Chunnin, cutting off the conversation.

Gritting his teeth and frowning, Iruka attempted to keep cool. “Not always no, but when your partner lacks the most inane conversation skills then one has to do what one can.”

“I don’t lack conversation skills. I just don’t see the point in wasting my time and energy on conversation that means nothing in the grand scheme of things.” Kakashi pondered, head tilted in thought.

“It’s what friends do to pass the time” Iruka grumbled, feeling utterly deflated.

“We’re not friends” Kakashi spoke, twisting to face his dining partner. His face, what Iruka could see of it, gave off a complete air of innocence.

“No, no we’re obviously not.” Iruka stood, sliding his hand into his pocket and producing enough money to cover both meals. Slapping it down onto the counter, he looked down at the man sat beside him. “I’m leaving now, I’m very sorry for wasting your time Kakashi-san”

Kakashi blinked as Iruka began walking away, pondering exactly what had gone wrong. Standing, he bowed thanks to Ayame and leisurely took off after Iruka, his long strides catching up easily.

“Let me walk you home sensei” He smiled.

“That’s not necessary but thank you” Iruka spoke between gritted teeth.

“Maa, Iruka-sensei, I seem to have offended you. I should’ve posed that as a question rather than a statement. I just feel that friends are… well, something I don’t really have and I didn’t realize you thought that way about us.”

Stomping a little because, once irritated, Iruka was hard pressed to get out of a mood so easily.

“Yes, well apparently I made a mistake.” He hopped quickly up the stairs to his apartment, reaching into his pocket for his keys and unlocking the door.

“I mean, the last time we spoke you were yelling at me for nominating the kids for the Chunnin exams. If that’s how friends act then I’m not really sure I want any… ”

Kakashi stumbled to a halt as Iruka spun round, eyebrows creased in annoyance as he pointed a finger at the Copy-Nin.

“What’s wrong with you?! You’ve been nothing but hostile or just damn silent all evening, arguing every point I have to make. I said before if you’re not interested in me as anything, even a friend then we could just eat together peacefully but no… you have to make it one of the most awkward situations I have ever been in and-“

Iruka’s tirade was cut short as Kakashi grabbed him by both arms and pushed him back against his apartment door. Staring up at the slightly taller man, Iruka blinked, shocked by the sudden change in atmosphere. It was Kakashi that made the first move then, quickly lowering his head to press his masked lips against Iruka’s. The clothed kiss was gentle, a few pecks to Iruka’s lips before Kakashi pulled away, lowering the others arms.

“What… was that?” Iruka spoke, lifting a finger to press against his lips.

“If I’m not completely mistaken that was a kiss.” Kakashi frowned.

“You… lack basic social skills Kakashi-san. You don’t just throw yourself at someone! Especially someone you’ve been less then interested in even speaking to all evening!”

Sighing, his visible eyebrow creasing in impatience, Kakashi took Iruka’s hand and pressed it to his chest, right over his rapidly beating heart.

“What… why… ?” Iruka struggled to explain what he could feel beneath the shirt.

“You make me nervous. I get quiet and hostile when I’m nervous” Kakashi stated simply.

“But why are you nervous?!”

Kakashi rolled his eyes… well, eye as Iruka could tell.

“I thought the kiss might have covered that one. I like you. And because I like you, you make me nervous. And I can get annoyingly impertinent when I’m nervous” The Jounin spoke, explaining the situation as well as he could.

“Oh… ohhh” It seemed to dawn on Iruka then and he smiled, softly. A gentle smile that made him chuckle inside because he could feel Kakashi’s heart race even faster at the view. He lifted his head, slowly to press his lips once again over the Jounin’s, the mask shifting against the sensitive skin, causing pleasurable friction. Kakashi’s eyes flickered open as Iruka pulled away.

“Well… are you going to invite me in? For coffee?” Grinning he looked the Chunnin over. Chuckling, Iruka reached a hand back and slid his door open, stepping back into his apartment, releasing himself from Kakashi’s hold.

“I never have coffee on a first date” And with that, Iruka smiled brightly and clicked the door to his apartment shut, minus Kakashi.

Blinking at the door that had just been closed in his face, it took Kakashi a minute to realize what had happened. He smiled then, chuckling to himself as he stood upright and began the walk back to his apartment wondering what exactly constituted a second date.